About Us

Inoxal handrails, fences and canopies – quality made in Serbia!

Inoxal d.o.o. Company specialise in the manufacture of stainless steel and aluminium handrails, railings and canopies. We are the successors of the first handrail manufacturer's production program in the Serbian-Montenegrin market, 3D company from Niš.

Thanks to superior product quality and production volume, we have met the expectations of many customers from Serbia and neighbouring countries, as well as from a number of European countries. Currently, we are planning to expand our product range with unique quality and excellent design, as well as covering the rest of the market.

Since the entire production is located in Serbia, our products are considerably more competitive than our competitors' products, because they are not burdened by customs and numerous margins as foreign handrail distributors. In other words – we offer top quality and modern design at a lower price!

Check out our range of products and services and contact us so that we can establish successful business cooperation to our mutual satisfaction.


Among our reference customers are:

  • - Savograd A Commercial Complex A, Belgrade
  • - Savograd B Commercial Complex, Belgrade
  • - Usce Shopping Center, Belgrade
  • - Yu Kanbera administrative building, Jagodina
  • - Underground passage, Nis

Moreover, the Inoxal handrails adorn the entrances of many other commercial and private buildings in the country and abroad.